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Who wants to be a STAR is the Clarion call of the moment as Grand Finale Consult International presents Selfie2STARDOM; The World’s First and Largest Selfie Competition & TV. Reality Show.

This is the QUEST for the Best Selfie Expressors and Slayers who can hypnotically impress the Panel of Judges that comprise of Chieftains from Advertising agencies, Fashion/style industry and professional Photographers and Cinematographers; those who can convince the judges that they are most qualified to get endorsements, represent top international brands as ambassadors and advertise for them amongst others.

Houesemates shall be branded by top-notch clothing lines and stylists and then arrayed for creative photo-sessions and afterwards, the Verdict; with no-holds-barred! This will be a fun filled and amazing experience for everyone in the competition.

Over the years, photography has been an interesting hobby of the young folks and to some others, an obsession. However in recent past, the technological inventions of smart phones have intensified the love for photoshoots amongst young people and initiated an incurable fever called “SELFIE”.

Selfie2STARDOM is a smooth blend of the Photography, Advertising and Fashion/style industry towards raising CELEBRITIES out of a daily frivolously expressed hobby called Selfie and bringing them into STARDOM as;

Super Models
Bill board porpular faces
TV. Adverts/Commercial idols
Ambassadors of Notable brands
Fashion & Style industry icons, etc

Amazingly, Selfie has metamophosed from being a mere SELF-EXPRESSION to a HOBBY and then, to an OBSESSION as some people would even unconsciously shoot it in toilets and not just for their every moment new looks as it were.

Much more than these, selfie has frenzily become a GLOBAL EPIDEMIC; a fast rising and spreading FEVER that can not be cured all over the world.

Interestingly, this fever has translated into a CAREER for so many people who now earn sumptuously from sundry social media platforms through the hundreds of thousands of likes that they attract with their selfies posted online.

Now here is your chance to become a STAR as 31 HOUSEMATES will battle it out; all in 1-HOUSE for just 10-DAYS (in this Introduction Phase) and 9-TOP WINNERS will emerge and go home with Stunning Prizes and offers.

This is not a game of the winner takes it all as usual, as all 31-HOUSEMATES will be amazingly rewarded and gratified with baggages of endorsements.

Wouldn’t you rather hurry up and be part of this?

…with selfie2STARDOM , everyone is a star!

After Confirming Your Payment, Send Two Selfie Photographs To [email protected] ( Subject Of Mail Should Be Your Full Names/Phone Number)